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Pre-mix Jagua Powder

Pre-mix Jagua Powder


Jagua is a fruit indigenous to the rain forest, scientifically known as Genipa Americana. It is a common plant throughout the tropics of South America, and has been used as a body art medium for over 2,000 years. Jagua works by permanently staining the outermost layer of skin and creating a blue-black temporary tattoo that lasts until the skin regenerates in 7 to 14 days.


Pre Mix Jagua Powder contains Xanthan Gum

*This is alllowed to be used for Jagua Gel


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  • Mixing Instructions

    100% Hengua

    • 10 g Pre Mix Jagua Powder
    • 1.5 ml Essential Oil
    • 100 ml Water


    1. Mix the Water and Essential Oil Together
    2. Slowly add in the Pre Mix Jagua Powder to avoid clumps
    3. wait for an hour to be ready for usage


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