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Jagua Gel Cones

Jagua Gel Cones


Finely mixed Fresh Jagua Gel Ingredients:-

- Jagua Powder

- Xanthan Gum

- Essential Oil

- Distilled Water


Chemical & Preservatives Free.


Round Tip Pin included. Approx 12 gm per cone.

  • Shipping & Return Policy


    Orders will be closed on 2 days before the delivery date.
    Delivery & Self Collection will be on every Tues or Saturday.

    There is no delivery services on Sundays, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday.

    For collections, Kindly inform us on whatsapp (+6590737296) 2-3 days before the date of collection.


    All items will be dellivered fresh on the same day as when we give the parcel to our despatch.


    Return Policy

    Items are non-refundable & non-exchangeable.

  • Care Instructions

    Our Organic Jagua Gel Cones are a perishable item.


    DO NOT leave the cones out in a room temperature environment for more than 1 day as it will start to deteriorate and will not give out the best stain result or any stain at all.


    Defrost the cones by rolling it in between your palms or leave it in room temperature for 10-15 minutes.


    It can sustain up to 6 months if keep frozen and when not in used.

    After applying and there is still henna paste left, store it back in the freezer. For best stain result, it is recommended to use the cones within 1 month once open.


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