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Khair Henna is back with our Blog Page!

What is up everyone?! Khair Henna is back with our Blog Page! With the new year, we are coming up with lots of plans for everyone! What's New

1. We have just created out first Lightroom Presets for everyone to use! Check out our Free Trial Preset on our website! Don't fret, we will be coming up with more!

2. Every month we will be coming up with new Topical Workshops for all our Henna Enthusiast!

3. Currently we are also in the midst of Planning for our Eid Henna Event and Products so please stay tuned! (Only Available in Singapore)

4. And 2021 brides, We are open for bookings! Don't wait and book soon as we have limited slots available every week.

Hoping for everyone to be safe and healthy this year! Don't forget to wash your hands and stay home if you're having a flu and help prevent Coronavirus from spreading! <3

With Love,

Khair Henna

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