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5 Recommended Phone Apps Best for Henna Photo and Video Editing

Have you ever experience creating an amazing henna design and took a photo but somehow it doesn't capture the beauty of it? And when you shoot a video of your henna process there some parts that you need to cut off? Content creation is the most important aspect when it comes to building a portfolio. When we are creating content, we aspire to give the best presentation of our artwork. From the photos and videos that we have taken, there are times it might not look like how and what we expected or perceive it to be. Therefore, we are required to refine our artwork by editing them. Here are the 5 Recommended Phone Apps Best for Photo and Video Editing!

1. Adobe Lightroom (Photo Editing)

Adobe Lightroom (Desktop Version)

I have said this thousands of time and I will say it again. Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps that a Henna artist must have! I have done an article in regards to lightroom, click here to know why.

To download Adobe Lightroom Click Here.

2. INSHOT (Video Editing)

I have been using InShot app since my very first video editing on my YouTube Channel. It is a friendly-user app and it has made video editing convenient at the palm of your hands. Literally. InShot Video editing can be trimmed, cutting, splitting of the videos. You can change the speed, insert transitions in between two different videos and you can input your logo and text too! not to forget, it also includes its licensed tracks from various musicians which you can use on your videos and by supporting the artist, you can credit them. Not only does InShot edit videos, but it also does photo collages and minor photo editing (I would still prefer Lightroom for photo editing).

To download InShot Click Here.

3. MOJO (Animated Instagram Stories)

Mojo has been the most efficient animated Instagram story toolkit that I have on my phone! It creates amazing stories that are engaging to your followers and there are different types of templates and text animation! There is a Pro version of the app for $49.99/year ($4.15/month) which unlocks you to even more design templates for you to choose from! Mojo was established quite recently, so be sure to see a more exciting templates coming up soon!

To download mojo Click Here.

4. CANVA (Poster Designing)

An example created from Canva

Canva is also one of the few apps that have helped me create tons of poster advertising for my henna events and promotions! It has more than a thousand types of templates Instagram posts/stories, Facebook posts/stories/covers, YouTube channel art, infographics, name cards, invitation cards, invoices, resumes and even menus! It allows you to create a graphic design without having the need of any graphic designing skills! Canva also comes in a desktop version if you feel that you need a bigger screen to create your posters!

To download Canva Click Here.

5. UNFOLD (Instagram Stories)

Before using mojo, Unfold was the first app I used for my Instagram stories. It's very easy to navigate around and has different types of templates series and fonts for you to choose from! The best part is you can section your Instagram story before you start creating. However, there are some template collections that requires you to purchase them before using for about $2.99 per template collection, you can visit their store to purchase them. Unfold+ is a pro version of the app where you unlock more than 100 story templates and fonts, have early access to collections, exclusive release and designs for a monthly ($3.99/month) or yearly ($13.99/year) subscription and you can cancel anytime!

To download Unfold Click Here.

So that concludes all 5 apps! I hope these apps i have recommended will help make your photo and video editing easier and more fun than before! Stay home and stay safe everyone! ❤️

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