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5 Reasons why Adobe Lightroom is a must have app

Ever since I've started to take my photography for my henna shots seriously, I have been looking for photo editor apps that was right for me. I have tried using Snapseed, VSCO even PicsArt!

However nothing feels just as right as using Adobe Lightroom ever since my husband introduced it to me! The very first time he presented to me on how to navigate through Lightroom, it was like love at first sight. Here are the 5 reasons why Adobe Lightroom is a must have app.


A screenshot of my own lightroom app

Having your photo shot in a under lit or over exposed area? No problem. Lightroom caters to every aspect of your photo needs. Adjusting the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whiteness and Blackness of the photos to the precise amount to make the photo look super amazing!

A screenshot of my own lightroom mobile app


What's even better? Being able to Import and edit photos through your phone! If you have taken shots through a DSLR/Mirrorless Camera, you can import your photos through Lightroom desktop version, sync it through Lightroom cloud and voila, you can edit through your mobile app!


Both Lightroom Desktop and Mobile version are very easy to work around with! Lightroom editing is very straight to the point where the editing controls are in sliders! Be it controlling the Sharpness, Vignette, Clarity and etc.. Sliders are the way to go!


After being in the Henna Industry for almost 6 years, trust me when I say there are people out there claiming your hard work as their own! Like other apps where you have to keep on editing your own Watermark, Lightroom does it for you!

If you're using your Desktop, simply select File > Preference > General and tick the box for Add Copyright to Imported Images. If you're using your Mobile, simply select Preferences > Sharing Options > Share with Watermark and you're good to go!

Last but not least..


With Khair Henna Custom Presets (Sweet Divine)
Original Photo (without Presets)

Just look at the difference! The most beautiful feature about Lightroom is their presets! I cannot stress how helpful and time saving this feature has been! Once you have edited your photo to your preference you can create and name your own preset for your other photos!

I have created a few of Presets for my Henna Designs shots and I LOVE THEM. If you think this is the right photo editing app for you, download here and try the app for free for seven days! and if you're hooked, you can enjoy Adobe Photography plan (20GB) for only SGD13.14/month (worth my every cent!).

Plus if you are looking for other Presets, we do have our own Custom made presets great for Henna Designs photos and Portrait shots. Currently we are only releasing one theme for our presets and we are on our way to launching more! Click here to purchase five of our presets for just SGD 10 or you can try out 2 of our Presets for FREE!

Hope this helps you in making your photo editing journey worthwhile! Until then, stay tune for our future articles!

God speed!

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