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New People, New experience.

Wtih new people, you will have new experiences. For all the beautiful ladies that I have met, they have been so gracious and i will never forget their hospitality.

This is the reason why I stepped into Henna Art. It is very different from interacting as a front liner. As I beautify their hands, I get to learn so much about them and their family. For a moment, I felt accepted with a warm welcome. :)

Even from their choices of a Henna designs, I get to learn how different people are. Some love it simple, quaint and some love it different, edgey. However some are really adventurous and will say the magic word. "Suprise me!"

Alhamdulillah all the ladies that I have met, I cannot thank you enough for your support and faith in me. Plus, i received so much hospitality coming from all of you. <3

Will definitely love to see you ladies again in the future, In Sha Allah.

May Allah bless you with Barakah in your future endeavours and happiness in life and love. <3


Khairunnisa Chow

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