Kindly read the terms and conditions and follow the steps below on the booking procedure:



  • Online Booking is for Bridal Henna and Henna Party Appointments only.

       For Henna Courses, Events and Vendors bookings, kindly contact us for more enquiries.

  • All appointments are based in Singapore only.

  • It is best recommended to have your Henna Appointments done as follows:

      - 3 to 2 days before your event date: Any time slot

      - 1 day before your event date: 10 am & 2 pm slot only

  • Your booking will only be confirmed once the booking deposit is received. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Please ensure all information given are correct. Any discrepancies on the details will be automatically cancelled.


1. Select your preferred packages accordingly and click on "Book Now".

Do note that there are different options for the session Hands & Feet, Hands Only (Front & Back) and Hands only (Back Hands Only)

2.  Select your preferred Henna Artist (Khair Henna, Mishenna, Aisy Henna).

Select your preferred date and time for your henna appointment. Click "Next"..

3. Kindly fill in the required information on the booking details page.

4. Do add-in on your "Add Your Message" section for any important details for the artist to take note.

5. State specifically on the "No. of Henna Pax (Henna Party, if applicable)" section for additional hands doing.

6. Double-check on the details. Click the "Book Now" button and proceed to make your booking deposit.


Booking Deposit of $50.00 to be made within 24 hours upon booking.

  • Transfer to account number POSB Savings Account 189-32444-8

  • PayNow to (+65) 90737296

Once deposited, kindly WhatsApp (65) 90737296 your name, snapshot of your receipt and the date of your henna session.

Unsuccessful booking deposits will be automatically cancelled.